Instructional Technologies and Design

Education has changed exponentially, especially during the past twenty years. I grew up in Mexico City and back then there was no technology in schools. Education was teacher centered, in other words it was boring. I remember most of the learning was trough memorization and repetition.

I have found that I am more productive at learning when I have the opportunity to practice. I like a hands on approach where the learning environment is student centered, therefore I believe the constructivist approach describes best my learning style.

Understanding my own learning process is important so I can relate to other students’ learning process. I also think that the communities of practice approach is better suited to distance learning. Although distance education is still evolving, I believe that the current learning management systems, when properly configured, allow for synchronous and asynchronous interactions.

Understanding learning theory is important in the development of instructional design. I want to design courses that are highly interactive with the use of real time videoconferencing as well as with interactive games and exercises so that students become more engaged in the learning process.

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